Minnesota Guinea Pigs for sale or rehome/help or questions.

A group for Guinea pig lovers in and around the Minnesota area. I created this groups because on my search for the cute and cuddlely little piggies i have found that most of what is on fb is centered in the UK and their love of guinea pigs. Now while i have found a lot of the information helpful and enjoy seeing pictures of everyones cavies, I am looking to connect with people closer to "home". This will be a friendly group. I will not stand for people being rude or judgemental. If I see this happening the person responsible for the comment
will be removed from the group. What is allowed on this site...guinea pigs of course. Guinea pigs for sale, rehome, people looking for guinea pigs, or any questions you may have about them. Also to connect breeders in the area with people looking for good quality healthly guinea pigs. Please everyone have fun and make new friends. Thanks Jackie