Egyptians in Canada (EGYCAN)

This is a group for Egyptians in Canada. This group has no political or religious affiliation and only represents our Egyptian identity.

Twitter : @Egycans, #EgyCan

Discussion Rules:
1 - The prejudice and presumptions of the other that we all learned in Egypt; leave it in Egypt.
2 - Do not under any circumstances use profanity or coarse language in any discussion, doing so will result in a ban.
3 - Racial, Religious or Gender discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
4 - Be respectful to other members, do not provoke or start a fight with people with different ideas or beliefs. (Example: Kelab El 3askar, 5erfan El E5wan)
5 - You’re encouraged to debate and criticize the ideas of other people but in a civil, polite and understanding manner. Personal attacks will only weaken your argument.
6 - Any malicious/spam or violent blood/gore content will be removed and the member will be banned.
7 - No religious debate of any kind will be allowed, any member found inciting or participating in a religious debate on any post or comment in this group will be banned.

Discussion Guidelines:
Please do:
- Ask the member who made a post to elaborate on what he means if it is raising a personal concern or issue of yours.
- Try to compromise and reach common ground with other members in discussions.
- Report any member that is in violation of any of the above rules.
- Suggest or bring to our attention any improvements or ideas you might have for this group.
- Support your arguments with links to news articles. Everyone likes solid facts not conjectures or “Faty”.
- Bring to everyone’s attention if any of the admins is not upholding these rules and guidelines or acting in an unbiased way.

Please don’t:
- Repost suspicious news in the media especially the sources that lack credibility
- Use your religious teachings as a premise to an argument you’re making, the other person is not necessarily of the same religion and is not obliged to believe in the same teachings.

These rules and guidelines are intended to encourage and supervise a civil and honest debate, so we could all benefit from each other’s views and collective knowledge.

We hope you enjoy the discussions and the content here. Thank you.