Businesses in the Australian Adult Industry

This group is specifically for anyone who owns or works for a business in the Adult Industry in Australia. Please do not apply if you don't fit into the above.

For example:- Adult Events/parties, Strip clubs/businesses, Adult Magazines, Adult Entertainers, Photographers, Adult websites, Brothels, Swingers clubs and so on...

This is a place where you can chat amongst other businesses in the adult industry and to be able to build relationships and help each other promote our businesses.
We all have the same or similar target market but offer different services so why not collaborate and share what we have to offer!

E.g. A stripping company may need a adult photographer in their area for their site or a club may want to run an event and have it promoted by an adult site and that club might need promo girls from the stripping company and those girls may need costumes from the adult toy get the picture! :)

Please request if you would like to join and tell us a little bit about your business!