Alaska Airlines to PPG, American Samoa

Talofa Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Kiti Rea-Bryant Faumuina Sunia and I am the owner of this page if you're wondering.

This page was made to see where our people stands in having Alaska Airlines to fly to the islands.

I noticed Alaska Airlines is expanding and is opening services to the Pacific Islands. This will be a great a opportunity to put in our petition if they can open a service to PPG.

I always ask our people (Pacific Islanders) why do they love flying Alaska Airlines they would answered because their customer service is top-notch and their fares are very REASONABLE (: yup!!

This I now know our people loves flying on Alaska Airlines because the fares are reasonable (:

I know our people do not have any other options available when it comes to flying because we only have one airline and that is HA. I do appreciate HA for their service in our islands but I know you want options to make flying not a burden.

According to what I was told ***737MAX is needed to fly to PPG but that is on the TO DO LIST of the industry in the near future; so lets be very hopeful that there will be a route to PPG when this 737MAX comes out (:(:(:

So, with your views and opinions regarding the matter we can altogether make this come true.

Again the page is more of like a survey and a dream to save at least when it comes to Travel (;

Yours Truly,

Kitiona Rea-Bryanat Faumuina Sunia (: