Junior Friends of Guinea-Bissau

Exciting News! Maritza has found a vehicle!!!! Hoping to get her behind the wheel in the next couple days! Here's Maritza..
"This is an internet picture of what the toyota hiace that I found yesterday looks like. we made a deal ! it is a 2008 car ! not bad compared to my 30 YEARL old car this is brand new. it has no seats, dont panic we will add seats and windows..it tis AFRICA WE CAN MAKE AND CREATE ANYTHING HERE. TO ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO ARE MAKING THIS DREAM COME TRUE...THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART...THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR COLLECTING THE FINANCES TO MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE...MAY GOD RICHLY BLESSS ALL OF YOU. What is next..have to pay for it...I already contacted our friends in the states to see how the money will get here asap....cant wait...feel like a kid who just received a new toy...shalom, and thank you again."