katong convent girls

School Song
Forward Katong Convent
Make our future bright
To achieve our aims
Bravely we will fight
Guide us in our labours
To the Lord we pray
In wisdom, strength and courage
Growing day by day

Solidly united
By our motto sound
Simple in virtue
Strong in duty bound

In duty to our country
Let us steadfast be
Serving it with cheerfulness
And with loyalty
Let us ever noble be
In thought and word and deed
Striving to our utmost
Always to succeed

1959, CHIJ Opera Estate was established
1959, Expansion of school
1966, Addition of new wing
1971, Sr Finbarr retires
1972, First lay Principal, Mrs Marie Bong
1982, School Merged with Opera Estate
1986, School moved to new premises
1990, KC becomes single session
1997, Expansion and upgrading
1998, Headed by Mrs Lysia Kee
1999, IT Master Plan phase 3
2003, Awarded Autonomous Status
2005, Headed by Ms Lam Ai-Leen

School Rules (oh yeahhh)
Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.

• pupils must be in full school uniform when they are in school and for all functions and activities
• pinafore must touch the knees
• collar should be buttoned
• school badge should be worn
• belt should be fastened snugly at the waist
• only clean white shoes and KC socks should be worn
• only school jackets are allowed to be worn

these were the good old days huh??

• spectacles with colourful frames and tinted or dark glasses are not allowed
• no coloured contact lenses are allowed

this is something NEW!!!! at least the colourful frames.