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This site is intended for residents of Morgan county.. and local business of Morgan County Colorado ONLY!Anything they wish to sell, buy or trade and ads for local business. All sales are buy as is!!!! no exceptions. Must give all people a chance to buy, do not sell out from under them. Business from Morgan County can put in any ads or promotions. This site is intended for Morgan County Colorado...If you do not live here u must be willing to travel here..No SPAM..NO PHISHING.. and I can't believe I have to put this here.. people of all ages enjoy yard saling. NO sexually related items or business will be tolerated and YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED..also if you block an administrator, you WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED!!
Sellers: Please utilize albums if you have multiple items. If you are posting single items please keep a 5 item minimum in 24 hours the bumps 24 hours..PICTURES and ALBUMS with no comments for over a month WILL BE DELETED!If you want to keep your item current...just bump it at least every month:)This way we aren't scrolling over items that aren't current. If an items sells or your business promotion is over, please remove posting and if you are re-advertising or selling, please remove prior posts.
Advertisers..Again Morgan County Business only please...and please keep bumps to a minimum of 24 hours.

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You WILL be permanently banned if you block admins.

We want this to be a positive experience for everybody. Please show respect for one another:)