Anime RPing

Please if you can take a moment of your time to read the rules and descriptions below, that'd be great, Thank You!! This group was once know as "Bleach Romance" and is now an RP group. Anyone can post starters. There are rules to this group.
Rule 1: No GOD MODDING!!!!! If you don't know what this is, its when u never die! Examples: U get cut in half, u regenerate, this is not allowed!
Rule 2: You can post any type of anime posts if you don't get too serious with it.
Rule 3: No trolling or bullying people. Simple enough?
Rule 4: Administrators must be shown respect or will result in permanent banishment from the group.
Rule 5: Our system of adminstration is somewhat similar to the US Senate or House Of Representatives. For example one administrator wants a certain post remove he/she must speak to the other Administrators to have that removed. A vote will be put up and the one with the majority wins. The same goes with a new rule starting Today.
Rule 6: When an Admin is on and get a notification of someone wanting to join you must accept.
Rule 7: If anyone has trouble with another or finds a post offense report to any of the admins and we'll make sure to solve the argument/remove post