Eagle Heights Gambia

Eagle Heights Gambia is NOW OPEN!

Eagle Heights Gambia is based at the beautiful Abuko Nature Reserve in The Gambia, West Africa. Set among almost 500 acres you will be entranced by the flora and fauna around you.

Currently at the Centre are our 2 Cheetah with which we are hoping to begin a successful breeding project. A selection of Birds of Prey including a Crowned Eagle, Lanner Falcon, Tawny Eagle and Bateleur Eagle!

The current orphanage inside Abuko will be collaborating with us enabling us to move the Hyena from their current enclosure to a new and improved version. This also applies to the Baboons and any other animals that arrive at the orphanage from now on.

Daily Talks will take place along with a flying demonstration. You will also be invited to take a pit stop at our Bar for an all important refreshment!

Following the opening of the centre we will then begin our second project, Reintroduction! We will be reintroducing many once indigenous species back into the Abuko Buffer Zone. These are species that once lived there naturally but were unfortunately wiped out by humans etc.

For more information please email eagleheightsgambia@outlook.com or phone 2239059 (+220 2239059 from UK)

Or feel free to message one of the Admin Members from your facebook account!

This group is for us to keep followers and guests informed and up to date with the project. We welcome visitors to upload there own views and photos from their visit as we love to see them!

OUR WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE! www.eagleheightsgambia.co.uk CHECK IT OUT!