Johnson County TN Online Yard Sale

Let's all help each other out in the community by listing our for sale items here online. Johnson County Online Yard Sales - is free and best of all it's LOCAL.

No spam or advertising for business on here please.
One post per item. You may bump once every 48 hours
only. Once someone comments that they want your item it is theirs within a reasonable amount of time.. Not to be held for them until the change their mind. Once they want an item you mutually decide on a meeting place then if they do not show they are deleted just let the Admin know. This is not an auction that the item goes to the highest bidder.. or the first one that show up with the money unless you post it that way.

Welcome to the yard sale group. Newcomers please read the rules. We do not allow any type of spam or advertising of other internet sites. You must have legitimate items for sale. We are a community page to help the community. So if you have a community service9 not a business) then it is allowed to advertise it here.. Please do not make multiple posts. post your item one time only then bump it up. If you have multiple items to post please make an album.. and bump the album. Please make sure your posts and pictures are deleted after you sell them!!! if you can not delete them let me know and I will. This is all for the common consideration of all the folks on it.

Each post is required to have a price and description at the top! No more that 4 posts per day. if you have lots of different clothes make and album with individual prices and description of top. If you bump , then bump the whole album!

If you are offend with these simple considerations.... well, you know. Thank you for your cooperation. ~ Admin