Royal Australian Navy Spouses

*** Please read prior to requesting to join***

This is a group for Navy partners (be it wife, girlfriend, flavour of the day, fiancé or whatever you have labelled it), that is the basis of the group and what has brought us all together on this page... you do not have to only post about military/navy things, post whatever you want, vent about whatever you want, you do not need to preface a post with "admin, please delete if not allowed", admin is yet to delete any posts (except for a few due to fat fingers and iPhones, but they were just comments!) and that is not about to change now.

Please be aware that everyone is entitled to their opinions and has the right to express it... please also be aware that you have the ability to read things incorrectly, especially if you are in an emotional, tired, frustrated, annoyed, confused state of mind, nothing will have been said with any malice and whilst some of us subscribe to the "tough love" mentality when it comes to dealing with the Navy and its comings and goings and goings and goings (!!), their comments are not said to pick a fight or start a cock comparison discussion. Everyone in here is an adult, act like it.

Together we have over fifty billion trillion million years of Navy partner experience, use it to your advantage, sometimes you may not like the answers/advice, but the next time it may be everything you want to hear!

The views and opinions expressed in this Group represent only those of the particular author(s) and not those of the people, institutions or organizations that may or may not be referenced, including but not limited to any and all content referencing any government official and/or entity.

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Do not join the page then block admin; this will get you removed from the page.

If you are currently waiting to join this group, unfortunately there can be a slight delay at times – please be patient.

Be wary of what you post in the group, please do not post anything specific in relation to dates.

For any parents looking for a group to join, we suggest checking out Defence Families on Facebook -