Back in the day when Altrincham used to be FUN in the evening time ...

There was bar/club called BARRACUDA ALTRINCHAM that stood out from the rest.

A venue that actually brought people into Altrincham with upto 450 regular genuine South Manchester people choosing to party here EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY instead of traveling into Manchester or any surrounding towns.

'Cuda' WAS the place to be 2006 - 2008 if you lived in South Manchester !

Loved by many, disliked by a few ... what ever you thought about Barracuda there has been nothing quite like it since ! Altrincham nightlife has never quite recovered after the closure, that's a fact.

This group is about remembering good times from back to the opening in June 2006 to the heddy day's of its peek summer 2007.

Seems a lonoooooooong time ago now but the memories & drunken pics will never fade!

Looking back at a period where many met new friends & actually ENJOYED going out locally.