December 21, 2014
Dag Heward-Mills
READ: Acts 20:16-27
...To this end was I born,
and for this cause came I
into the world, that I
should bear witness unto
the truth. Every one that
is of the truth heareth my
Matthew 7:20
Jesus knew why He was in
this world. Even in times
of great stress, He
explained His life'
spurpose. A mature
Christian is someone who
is constantly aware of his
purpose. I am constantly
aware of what God has
called me to do. Every day
of my life is spent trying
to fulfil the calling of God
on my life. When you are
aware of what you are
supposed to do, you are
guided aright into
spending your time
Even when Jesus was a
child, He said, "I must be
about my father's
business" (Luke 2:49). Dear
reader, what is your life's
purpose? Are you a
businessman trying to
make money? Then why
does your business run
like a charity? Why do you
not cut your expenses and
begin to make profits?
Are you a minister of the
Gospel? Then do not be
taken up with the love of
money. Do the ministry
even if you have to live in
poverty. In a dream, I saw
myself walking on a long
road. Along this road were
many heaps of gold. The
Lord specifically told me,
"Do not stop at any of
these heaps. There are
many heaps of gold on
this road. There will be no
need for you to stop by
any of them." You see, God
was showing me that I
should stick with my
vision. He was telling me
not to deviate into
business or the search for
Are you a leader? Then let
your vision fill your heart
and mind so that you will
not deviate from your
original calling.