Welcome to the XD XE XF XG XH FORD FALCONS group.
Show ur rides, talk technical, etc etc and enjoy.
A few rules.
1. Selling. All for sale posts require PRICE,LOCATION, AND DESCRIPTION!!
ads missing any of these will be removed as of now..
2. EOI or SWAPPING posts. Again, location and description and MUST have a price guide or minimum price attached.
Ads missing these will be removed.
3. "Whatsitworth" posts wont be treated seriously then removed. You can get plenty of info from other sites eg Ebay,gumtree, carsales, etc.
4. You wanna sell something on here and postage is involved, make sure all parties involved share reciept numbers and aust post tracking numbers. People found to be scamming people on here will be named and shamed then removed from group.
5. No abuse will be tolerated on this group. If all youre here to do is cause shit, you will be banned.
6. Spammer ads will be removed and member banned. Also videos not related to ford product. (No one needs to see how a bmw fares against a lamborghini).
7. Any issues regarding posts, members etc . Please either tag an admin or message them. Reporting posts to Facebook without attempting to contact Admin, will get you banned. (We've had posts reported because the people had an issue with a person, not the post)
8. "Lunchcutting" will not be tolerated. You have something for sale, put in on an ad of ur own, if you wish to advertise the same item for less money on someones ad, you will be removed from group.
9. BLOCKING ADMIN WILL HAVE YOU REMOVED, We can still see you and now youve blocked us.
10. Enjoy the group, share your stories, have a laugh, spread the knowledge, be respectful and have fun.