You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when...

For everyone who lives or has lived in Fort Wayne and can relate to any of these things...feel free to add your own.

1. You remember the Glenbrook Ice Rink.
2. You remember when the Indonesian Rain Forest opened.
3. You remember when I-69 was just two lanes.
4. You remember downtown before Headwaters Park.
5. You know what the Fury was and you remember that Master P played for them.
6. You remember the Coliseum before the expansion.
7. You remember when Science Central opened.
8. You remember Discovery Zone.
9. You remember when Kidz Crossing at Lawton Park opened.
10. You remember the Apple Orchard at Glenbrook.
11. You remember when the Roller Dome was THE place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.
12. You've been to Coney Island more times than you can count and you have no problems walking in through the back door.
13. You've gotten pissed because all of the good concerts are at Piere's before you're 21.
14. You remember when the Memorial Stadium opened.
15. You know you live in a city of 300,000 and yet the best thing to do at night for the under 21 crowd is to go to Wal-Mart, IHOP, or Steak n Shake.
16. You remember the days of the shitty movie theatres before Rave or Carmike.
17. You remember the tornado.
18. You remember South Side HS and North Side HS before the renovations.
19. You remember Southtown Mall.
20. You've been to Safety Village.
21. You've bowled at almost every bowling alley in FW.
22. You remember Putt Putt before the new "themed" courses.
23. You remember the old food court at Glenbrook.
24. You remember the time before Jefferson Point when Glenbrook was the only place to shop.
25. You remember when Southtown had more than Footlocker, Sears, and the MCL cafeteria.
26. You remember when the TRF Midway was cool. And you didn't have to worry about getting shot.
27. You know what TRF stands for.
28. You remember when Lazer X and Ultrazone opened.
29. You've thrown apples on Johnny Appleseed's grave.
30. You remember going to McMillan Health Center in elementary school.
31. You remember the all-nighters for girl scouts at Southtown.
32. You remember the times before Wal-Mart had supercenters...when you actually had to go to a grocery store.
33. You were ever on Happy's Place.
34. You remember listening to B106.3.
35. You remember the TRF Raft Race.
36. You remember when we actually had GOOD radio stations. (R.I.P. X102.3 and many others).
37. You went to Diamond Jims and still miss it.
38. You've eaten at Power's Hamburgers and still live to tell about it.
39. You've managed to cram yourself into Cindy's and not feel claustrophobic.
40. You remember when Hot 107.9 was Foxxy.
44. You remember the last time St. Mary's Church burned down.
41. You remember when Dupont Road was out in the middle of nowhere.
42. You remember the days before 4-69.
43. You remember the flea market next to Hillcrest Bowl.
44. You know the Wizards original mascot was actually a wizard...not some creepy dragon.
45. You knew about St. Francis College before the football team.
46. You remember when the first Meijer opened.
47. You remember watching Steve Shine on WFFT Fox 55.
48. You remember when Mike's Carwash at Glenbrook was full service.
49. You remember Froggy's Pad.
50. You remember the Trolley Restaurant on Wells St. next to where Edy's is now.
51. You've marched in the TRF parade for some reason or another.
52. You're pretty much guaranteed to find a wooden nickel or two somewhere around your house.
53. You can name all the Halls Restaurants (including those that have closed) and know where they are located.
54. You know that FWI was originally called Baer Field.
55. You remember when Keltch Pharmacy was it's own store, not a part of Scott's.
56. You've lost a small part of your soul by being employed with Scott's Food Stores.
57. You remember the Seyfert's factory on Hwy 3/Lima Rd.
58. You know that Best Buy was originally located where Borders is now on Coldwater Road, and that it was The Children's Palace before Best Buy.
59. You remember the time before Spiece was an athletic fieldhouse.
60. You know that our Pizza Huts are way better than anything outside of Dick Freeland's franchise (aka Fort Wayne and the surrounding area).
61. You remember the days before the coffee house craze (I.E. Higher Grounds, Firefly, Starbucks, etc).
62. You remember when the Citilink buses were PTC.
63. You remember when Win Moses was mayor.
64. You remember the Fort Wayne Flames (soccer).
65. You remember the downtown library before the renovation, and that it was temporarily located next to the Lincoln Museum.
66. You know what St. Francis' campus looked like before the renovations and expansions.
67. You remember Showbiz Pizza before Chuck E. Cheese.
68. You've ever had a birthday party or attended one at the Roller Dome (north or south).
69. You remember Roller Dome North before they renovated it. (And you were sad the little hiding area by the DJ stand was taken away).
70. You remember Tilt at Glenbrook.
71. You remember when Coventry 13 was the main movie theater.
72. You remember Denny's on Lima Road.
73. You remember when Z102.3 and 96.3 the Edge existed.
74. You remember when our area code was 219.
75. You've drank out of the lion shaped water fountain at the Zoo.
76. You've eaten at Atz's ice cream shop.
77. It doesn't bother you in the least that a road will change names 3 or 4 times in the course of driving across town.
78. You know about Harry Baals Drive.
79. You remember the GTE Tower.
80. You've eaten at Willie's.
81. You remember Damon's and the fact that the place was cursed. (A couple fires, the tornado, etc. They finally closed for good after the tornado).
82. You were a member of the cookie club at Scott's.
83. Even if you know Scott's was generally overpriced, you're still pissed Kroger bought them out.
84. You remember Georgetown before the renovation.
85. You remember when there was more than one Big Boy.
86. You remember when the 14/69 automall was built.
87. You remember Rogers grocery.
88. You remember Cub Foods.
89. You remember when Amtrak stopped in Fort Wayne.
90. You've stayed the night at the Old Fort.
91. You remember the Dinos Alive! exhibit.
92. You love Croaky the Frog at the zoo.
93. You know that Lutheran Hospital used to be located downtown.
94. You remember when Jennie Garth was 90210 came to Southtown Mall.
95. You've tested the rumors about Devil's Hollow at night.
96. Your family used to go to Old Country Buffet all the time.
97. You know that the tv was invented here by Philo T. Farnsworth.
98. You remember when the ACPL summer reading program actually had good prizes.
99. You've gone sledding down the huge hills at Franke Park and Shoaff Park.
100. You remember Furrows behind Southtown.
101. You've ridden on the BMX track.
102. You've had your picture taken while sitting in the joey pouch at the zoo.
103. You remember listening to Charlie Butcher on 97.3 WMEE.
104. You know that the Detroit Pistons used to be the Fort Wayne Pistons.
105. You know that Fort Wayne had a team in the Women's Baseball League (the Daisies).
106. You remember when Chi Chi's was still in business.
107. You remember Taco Cabana.
108. You remember Mr. Bulkies in the mall.
109. You remember the Children's Place in the mall having the little slide and stuff at the back of the store.