RESCUE LINE SIERRA LEONE FORUM is a social media group created for well-meaning Sierra Leoneans, friends and associates of different background, aimed to prepare a common and level platform for all humanity to share and discuss issues affecting and/or promoting the welbeing of our people and the country as a whole. Unlike other sites, this forum will be concentrating to providing alternatives, in other words soliciting positive and credible proposals/ recomendations from forumites as to what needed to be done inorder to promote sustainable peace, unity and development in our country and the world at large. To maintain a fair and proper ethical code of conduct during our engagement of discussion, members are hereby required to read, understand and fully comply with the under-mentioned standards, for which a well balanced team of moderators and administrators would be moderating and regulating debate sessions on a regular basis: 1.All issues must be based with objectiviity and free from any negetive connotations. 2. Obscene,insane, abusive and vulgaric languages are totally prohibited. 3. Hate messages and personal attacks are not allowed. 4. Posts/messages bearing the same content are not allowed to be posted more than once by the same individual, otherwise shall be deleted without prior notice. 5. Strong and provocative expressions are strictly forbidden.6) Posts/ messages attributed with political,regional , religious,racial or tribal lines, which are found threatening to the peace and security of members and the state are considered as grave offences and are therefore not tolerated.7) Disorderly behaviour and gross disrespect of authority is tantamount to instant expulsion. 8)Personal or family related affairs are not tolerated, especially when important issues are under discussion, but may rather be communicated via private mail boxes so as to avoid undue distraction of relevant matters. 9) Members are advised in their own interest to direct formal complaints/concerns to the Admins or moderators, either in public or their respective mail boxes, for subsequent redress and/or action as the case may be. 10) Members must fully adhere with the terms and conditions set forth by the facebook team, for which the Admin Shall take no responsibility of any breach of such standards by member(s).NOTE.- !!!!! Measures/Penalties are instituted as thus; Deceitful and unacceptable posts/messages are subject to deletion, while law breakers shall be given a first warning, if there is persistence a second warning will be issued, followed by suspension to be determined by the Admin/Moderator on duty in the event a sign of remorse is not shown. Vulgarism and insanity such as incitement for social unrest and/or circulating pornographic or other materials of immorality on this medium will apparently militate against the fabrics and vision of the group and so therefore, members are strictly warned to refrain from posting any such materials to the forum.