Arizona Cardinals Fans!!!

The Facebook Group for those crazy AZ Cardinals fan!

I have said this in private to a number of you over the past few weeks, and we have banned some people for this as well. I want to make it clear publicly that we will be taking strong action against vulgarity on this forum. Curse words, vulgar insults, picking on people and other posts that are deemed vulgar will be deleted and the posters may be banned with no warnings.

Bannings may seem arbitrary and will not be defended.

The standards we will use have no relationship to what you may or may not find acceptable and they will not be clearly defined. There are a lot of places on the web where such banter is allowed and even appreciated. The vulgarity and abuse will not be tolerated here on my site.

There are lots of other ways to carry on your witty (and sometimes witless) banter without going vulgar and picking on people.

The babysitting is over....use common sense....

And the ONLY item allowed to be sold in this group, are Cardinals Tickets.....