Baby & toddler items free and for sale, Lancaster and Morecambe+ admin

Before listing something for sale can you please read this and ensure that your items fall under these rules:




>if you do not wish to get notifications go to edit at top of page and turn them off
>Must be in a condition you would give to your own children-any faults must be noted!
>Once your item has SOLD please remove them-this group does have admins but we all still do have a life and children to look after
>Items with photos MUST be your own unless you do not have a camera which you can then use one from the net providing you stipulate it is not new and its wear/tear etc.
>Please do not give you bank details to anyone! if you need to pay online use the safest option of PAYPAL! When paying via PayPal it is a good idea to remember you are not covered by PayPal protetcion if you pay via gift. Please think carefully if you are asked to pay by gift.
>Please don't advertise your listing on other peoples items! this is so annnoying! if you can make a cheaper offer, at lease PM the person.

Last but not least please do not make arrangements to meet/exchange something then not turn up or not be in- again very annoying when people go out of their way to get something!

Lets start a clean group please, if we all adhere to this then no-one will have any problems.
Also being mean but if no-one adheres to these they will be blocked from the group!! scrooge i know!!
Thank you