Chester City Freegive

Welcome to Freegive the popular Chester recycling group! please read group rules all made when problems arose & all made to make things fair for all!:

1 item a day per member (Couples who live in
the same household are NOT to both claim their 1 a day it will be 1 items per couple as this is not fair on others) please do not exceed unless people are responding on your wanted advert.

let people down on pickup & you will be removed if you haven't got a very good excuse "I forgot" is not an excuse & results in a strike 2 strikes & you'll be removed

NO selling of items you receive from freegive this is a big NO & will not be tolerated.

No pets at all only pet accessories please.

Wanted posts to be placed at 7.30pm-10.30pm every evening, do not bump your wanted post out of hours or it will be removed

No offering items you offer to freegive on other groups as this has caused problems in the past

No under 16's

No abuse