Osage, Gasconade, Maries. Franklin, Cole, Miller, Camden Etc. Cos.. History

The History or Historical Accounts, from History & Civil War History of Osage, Gasconade, Maries, Franklin, Phelps, Cole, Miller, Camden, Crawford, Etc. of Counties here in Missouri:

From Historical sites to Prehistoric sites of these above Counties also!!

A lot of this history, Historical Accounts, Events, Civil War History to Prehistoric facts will deal a lot with the Cooper Surnames & Genealogical - Ancestors of the Cooper's and to Carroll, Cox, Branson, Burgess, Owens, and etc. (John Burton Cooper) .... Cooper Hill, Cooper Homestead & Farm, Third, Mistaken, Crider, Gasconade River and Etc. of these Streams and many More!

From Genealogy to Geology to Archaeology and more! Or A to Z! Any Subject is welcom from any of the Members on any subject! But History or anyother subject listed above!