Okanagan Apple Products Buy, Sell & Trade

Looking to Buy or Sell an Apple Product or iOS or OSX related product? Join us and post your product here! If it's either an Apple Inc product or works with one, post it!
No clothing, no broken down refrigerators , no junk, just Apple (and related products...BT items, routers, mice, keyboards etc)
This group is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc and anyone posting, purchasing or selling is doing so at their own risk. (Buyer beware)
Anyone suspected of posting fraudulent ads will be removed and if it is of a serious nature, authorities will be notified.

Rules are just common sense:

If it sells, delete the post please.
Please don't bump more than once per week.
Any NON-APPLE or non Apple related posts will be deleted immediately.
Any abusive posts will be deleted and membership may be revoked.

Original posts that have NOT been commented on by the owner of the post or bumped by the owner in 2 weeks, will be deleted. If you forget to bump your post and it's been deleted, please feel free to repost.

(Apple related = enhances an Apple product)