Team Mystic - North America : Pokemon GO

Welcome to team Mystic !

** Please take your time to read the ...rules and description! **

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Only the best team around! Feel free to join and share your passion of Pokemon with the rest of your fellow trainers .
Team ' blue ' is all about evolution !
'We Bleed Blue' as a dedicated TEAM; that's our motto !
This group is to bring together all of the Team Mystic trainers in North America for Pokemon GO.
Feel free to share and show off your Pokemon, gyms, Pokestops, or anything else from Pokemon ge! And, of course, any other Pokemon related things as well!

We expect Mystic to 'be the very best'. Be respectful to all. Good natured humor is fine, but keep the following out of this group:
--Hatred; violence; elitism; harassment; rape; racism; sexism; religion; disability; politics; crime or organizations with such views or associations
--Content that's likely to shock or disgust
--Content that could result in the malicious harm of persons or property
If you have to question if something is acceptable, don’t post it.
Specific rules are available in the following post, that is typically pinned to the top of the group:

Any complaints should be sent to moderators directly.
Thank you!

Amanda Sara Moulder - Lead Moderator
Meghan Lueck - Outreach/Comminications
Fox Mulligan - General
Trev Rideau - General
Samantha Marie Morton - General
Johnny Vincent Nephew - General
Reem Ahmed Hassan - Design
Humza Baig - Design

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HAVE FUN! Enjoy the game , share your updates with the team , and progress !
Thanks guys & enjoy !