For Celebrants only. Feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions or share anything to help fellow celebrants. :)
1. We are all unique individuals and celebrate life's special moments in many different ways. Do not judge how others do things - there is no best way, just what is best for you or your client(s). Some of us are loud some of us are quiet - respect each individual. We are here to brainstorm and assist one another, not to put others down. Sometimes you may even learn something! We all charge different prices for differing reasons - from 26 May 2014 - no further discussion will be entered into regarding pricing. We have overdone that topic over the years - time to move on :)
2. Honesty is the best policy. If you don't feel that a comment is appropriate for a group post, please refrain from sending it as a private message. Admin considers this a group for professionals and sees no reason for, nor do they want to know about 'blocking' of members.
3. There is no need to apologise for asking a question. Just ask it so we can all help out. No-one can remember everything. Sometimes we forget things. Sometimes we just don't know the usual process. Have a copy of the latest 'Marriage Act July 2014' from the AG site.
4. Please READ EVERY WORD in a post before you jump to a conclusion and make an inappropriate comment. It is very easy to skim read and miss the point. Also remember that sometimes things can be interpreted differently when in written word rather than spoken word as you miss the voice inflections. Admin reserve the right to remove posts that are considered unkind or inappropriate. Warnings will be issued. Repeat offenders may be removed and banned from the group.
5. Don't be offended if you don't get as many 'likes' or 'comments' as somebody else's post - not everybody checks the page every day and even if they do, they just might not have anything constructive to say, or they may have more pressing issues to deal with at that moment in time.
6. Please refrain from naming and shaming other celebrants (on the page AND via private messages) - you may not have the whole story.
7. So that privacy isn't breached, where possible, get written confirmation from clients before you request assistance from group members. You can always give date/time and ceremony type and coordinate celebrants on the clients behalf.
8. This is a closed group and no screen shots are to be taken and distrubited to any other page or person. If you are caught you will be put out of the group.
9. Stay positive and enjoy the experience :)
If you have any queries, comment, feedback, please contact any of the Admins: Mandi Forrester-Jones and Bronwyn Schmidt and Cheyl Landsberry - thanks