My 6 hour psytrance mixtape from a goa party in autumn, first some progressive psy, then a bit darker/psychedelic and in the end fullon/goatrance classics http://www.mixcloud.com/aegonox-peter-pan/aeg-6h-set-part1/ Tracklist:
Nuclear Ramjet - Folding Time 10
Minilogue - Endlessness
Abakus, Solar Fields - Wasted Feeling (Solar Fields Remix)
Sun Control Species - With The Frosen Lands In Place
Antix, Dousk - The Hoard (Dousk Remix)
The Digital Blonde, Anton Chernikov - Omega (Club Mix)
BLT, Quantize, Egorythmia - Monkey And The Rabbit Shoulders (Egorythmia Remix)
Protonica, Atmos - Greece (Atmos Remix)
Gaudium, Ghost Rider - Cosmetics
Behind Blue Eyes, Phaxe, Static Movement - Medusa (Static Movement Remix) Ticon - Back To Mono
Loud, Headroom - Dr. Who (Headroom Remix)
Ovnimoon, Lupin - Hooponopono
Zen Mechanics - Symbolic - Psychological Effects
Vertical Mode - Codes of D.N.A.
E-Clip - Streamline
Suntree, Zyce - 17.Private Guide (Zyce Remix)
Zen Mechanics, Flegma, Nerso - Flux
Ovnimoon, Via Axis - Superlight In The Darkness
Side Effects - Black Hole Protonica - Subground
Ace Ventura, Darma - Acidcore
DJ Fabio, Morten Granau - Back to Basics
Silicon Sound, Sonic Species - Doomsday Hit
X-Dream, The Delta - Intercorporal Stimulator (The Delta Remix)
X-Dream - Psychmachine
Mino - 2000 Compatible
Children of Paradise, C.O.P. - El Nino
Triac - Discharged
Tristan - Small Paper Squares Absolum, Koxbox - My Name is Joe
Hux Flux, Cortex - Bring Your Own Bios (Cortex Remix)
Hallucinogen, Lucas, Loud, Domestic - Pipeworm (Loud, Domestic Remix)
Killerwatts, Tristan, Avalon - Intergalactic
Master Blasters - Nubian
Laughing Buddha, Outsiders - Intergalactic Conversation
Braincell - Melting Point
Electric Universe - Quasar
Etnica, Pleiadians - Triptonite (Pleiadians live mix)
Astroschnautzer - Kassitamma Space Cat - Shake & Freeze
Dynamo, Eskimo, Dynamic - In The Igloo
Mr. Peculiar - Elevation
Artifact303 - Beyond Lightspeed
E-Mantra - Fall Of Icarus
Pleiadians - Alcyone
Kashafon - Mozambic
Artifact303 - For a Better World
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https://www.facebook.com/djaegonox If you want to download the mixtape you can find it from here:
http://aegonox.kapsi.fi/music/mixtapes/ Thanks/Bom