Garage Sale Lebanon/Albany

Please post your items for sale or trade.. YOU MUST POST PRICES IF NO PRICE IT WILL BE DELETED PERIOD.... . No used underwear or food or X-rated items please..Feel free to post items and put pictures of your items . Homemade items, and your home based business are ok if you are selling what you make . But must be LOCAL... The Rules are just be kind and no drama .. If you cause drama you will be deleted from this group. NO NO NO web sites , Only Local, And NO JOBS .. and we decided NO weight Loss Products TY... Please put into a album and post only 5 items at a time please .Please only bump every 2 days, also be careful when meeting , meet in a public place ,, HAVE FUN.... If you post web sites or out of state , IT WILL BE DELETED.....and YOU WILL BE REMOVED If you post more than 5 ,we will have to delete others , to make it fair to others. Remember you can make albums ,that holds more than 5items . Also its not sold til its picked up..