Co-Active Business Building Community

This is a space for Co-Active Coaches and Leaders to connect, contribute, collaborate and co-create wonderful and thriving businesses! Whether you are just starting up or have an established business, this is meant to be a place to grow and share in a safe, supportive and positive space.

- from questions about how to start your business to how to grow your established business,
- how to find your ideal clients, how to create your offering, how to engage with your audience
- business models, strategies,
- talk about authentic marketing and sales
- brainstorming
- not knowing
- stretching beyond your comfort zone in a safe and courageous space
- looking for support and guidance
... all of that and so much more is welcome in this group!

You are welcome to start conversations & discussions on anything that's on your mind and let it grow from there.

My personal mission with this group is to support Co-Active Coaches and Leaders have thriving businesses that feel in alignment with who they are and what they are meant to do in this world.

To you and your wonderful co-active business,
Maria Arredondo