Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation, graphic recording, visual practitioners, s...cribing - all that. Anyone in this line of work is familiar with the range of terms to name what we do - in essence, help people SEE what they describe and imagine. We are all over the place in nooks and crannies. Maybe this can be an additional online venue to share and network... Think of this space as a global virtual water cooler. This is a space for people interested and active in the world of graphic recording and facilitation can come together to connect, learn and advance this field together. This is a space for asking and answering great questions about bringing our work as GR and facilitators out to our clients and communities; to share best practices; to ask for support; to offer professional collaboration and resources. This is not a place for overt promotion of issues and resources not related to GR, doing lead generation in the guise of a post, or spamming other members. If you are new to the group, please spend some time going over our posts and threads to get a feel of how we operate. Those who are not willing or able to respect our guidelines and uphold and contribute to the collegial and professional spirit of the group, will be removed by the moderators.