Best Beginnings Breastfeeding Network

Welcome to Best Beginnings Breastfeeding Network, a portal for information, support, advice, feeding tips and links to the latest information about breastfeeding and infant nutrition.

Whether you are a mother new to breastfeeding, an experienced mother or friend seeking advice for someone else, we are here to help you.

The Best Beginnings Breastfeeding Network is an amalgamation of the former Barbados Breastfeeding Network set up by Andrea Jordan and a new company, Best Beginnings and Beyond!.

Best Beginnings and Beyond! is a company of 4 health professionals:
Breastfeeding specialist and midwife: Andrea Jordan,
Doctors: Alison Bernard, Sarah Didier and Kelley Watson

Our aim to is revolutionize breastfeeding awareness and the support available for mothers in Barbados. We are also here to advise on issues pertaining to infant nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

We know that the Barbados Breastfeeding Network is already a passionate and vibrant group and we hope that together, we will motivate mothers across the country to breastfeed their precious little ones.

Look out for upcoming events and other meetings that will be hosted by Best Beginnings and Beyond!.