Ohio Mazdaspeeds

Thanks to all for making OMS what it is today!

Current admins:
Ryan Burkert (Cincinnati)
Ryan Krise (Cleveland)
Eric Metzger. (Cleveland)
Travis Hoffman (Toledo)
Tim Markul (Cleveland)
Sohan Ghosh (Akron/canton)
Evan Salsbury (Columbus)

If there are problems/ideas that you would like to bring to are attention please feel free to message of us.

Flat out graphic:

I am please to announced that Flat Out Graphics will be the official OMS vendor for vinyls, decals, stickers, and Autocross magnets! They are going to offer a discount of 10% off, and free shipping on orders over $10 at www.FlatOutGfx.com. Please contact Will Dodd: will@flatoutgfx.com if you have any questions (or for custom decals).

Edge Autosports
We have 3% off all parts at edge autosports! Please message one of the Admins to get the Coupon code.

Www.Freektune.com is a great place to get a tune for your Mazdaspeed3/6. Please contact Justin if you are interested

Protégé garage has giving is 5% off everything on their website (excludes HPFP internals) Please message one of the admins to get the coupon code.

Pro Auto is giving us a 5% to 10% off parts so if you need something please contact Louis @ ProAuto.


Furious Shine car care has given us a 10% off on there website!
Please message one of the admins to get The coupon code.


Posting about street racing will not be tolerated.
One warning will be given then you will be banned.

No Vendor/Member bashing (this isn't high school)

Keep TROLLING to a minimum. If the Admins feel it is offensive it will be removed!

Please do not repost! If we have removed the post it was for a reason.

A lot of questions can be answered by a simple Google search. So please do some snooping around before posting.

If one of the rules has been violated, the post will be removed, and a message will be sent to you saying why it was deleted.

If you become a problem you will be removed from Ohio Mazdaspeeds

Here's a link to MSF that will help out with newer meeps:

For MS6:



For MS3:


Selling on OMS:

The part must be off the vehicle, with a current picture that shows the condition of the part, a sign with your name and the date, and give a selling price.

If you are selling and COBB Accessport, please have a photo of it unmarried to your car.