The 49er Empire, also referred to as The Niner Empire, was founded in the mid-1990s after NFL Hall of Fame coach John Madden quoted the San Francisco 49ers as being, "The Roman Empire of the NFL". The 49er Empire has an established reputation as the extreme and hostile faction of the original 49er fan base, the 49er Faithful. With their adrenalin-rushed intensity, the 49er Empire counters the old stereotype of the 49er "wine-and-cheese" fans. They encourage all 49er fans to show their intense loyalty and are often recognized as the more vocal members in and around the stadium, often breaking into enthusiastically-driven outbursts in unison and party-animal-style tailgates. Since their inception, a new generation of 49er fans have adapted to the 49er Empire movement as chapters and booster groups align allegiance across the globe. Today, regardless of the San Francisco 49ers' decline from glory, the San Francisco 49er fans that comprise the 49er Empire continue to multiply and are always found at Levi Stadium demonstrating their extreme loyalty to their team.

Founder: Jay Esperanza

Group administrator: Noah Yeoman