For Sale, Swap or Give Away and Local Businesses in Denbigh and Ruthin Area

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen
Please use this site to get rid of your stuff and make a few pennies. Please also take a few minutes to read through these guidelines
• Please include PRICE and LOCATION when advertising your wares
• If selling three or more items, please make an album to make it fair to all our members.
• No FAKES, COPIES, REPLICA’S of any description to be advertised on our site. This includes clothes, bags, Uggs, trainers, make-up etc. All ads of this nature will be removed without warning.
• NO WEAPONS! Any weapons of any description advertised on this site will be removed and advertiser will be removed.
• No selling of animals – there are groups on Facebook especially for the sale of animals.

This is primarily a private selling site, however small LOCAL businesses can use this site to advertise their businesses. We request politely: -
• Sellers do not repeatedly post duplications or similar adverts – bump them up instead. We have unfortunately had complaints about certain businesses putting duplicate posts several times a day or every day. This is not fair on our members, especially as this is a selling site.
• Please bump adverts no more than once a day.
• Any jobs advertised must have a wage with payment of at least minimum wage with no initial outlay for the employee.

Please take a few minutes to read these guidelines.
Many thanks