Skinny Guinea pigs, Baldwin and cuy Pics, Share Info, Sell, Buy

Hi all !!! This is what it says it is! Enjoy the skinny pigs and Baldwins the admins on here are Michelle Pickering, Sharlene Merris-Woolhead and Samantha Goodwin-Robertson xx

Enjoy pictures share experiences of everyones skinnies Baldwins and carriers
Advice for sale and questions.

All for sale adds need a brief description pic and a price.

Please No pregnant Sows for sale

No babies under 4 weeks for reservation to leave from 6 weeks onwards
No pigs sold for snake food please

Hoping in the long run we can be a nice group with good breeders that only breed to strengthen lines and produce good piggies ... Be in it for the good of the breed skinnies and baldwins Not people breeding retired pigs or unpedigree pigs just for a quick £££ and no back to back breeding.