The Cats Whiskers

A fun place to post pictures of your cats and kittens , and dogs... and puppies, ask about cat and dog problems , and generally have a
good laugh . Please note that anyone posting nasty pics or vids will be banned. I do not allow swearing and i expect all members to be courteous and respect all other members.

What to the administrators an inappropriate post would be: 1) Pornographic material, 2) Spam of any type, 3) Items for sale that are not related to cats, 4) GoFundMe posts, auctions, sales, etc. that have not been approved by the creator of this group, Bernie Colley, 5) Use of inappropriate language, including but not limited to, the “C”, “B”, “S”, “F” words, 5) Homophobic and/or racist posts or comments, 6) Insults of any type, including offensive religious and/or political remarks, 7) Gory and/or disturbing images, such as pictures of abused or neglected animals of any species (this includes pictures of the animals that your pets would eventually hunt and kill, we must remember that some members have, for example, birds and rodents as pets), pictures of abused children/women/men, etc. and 8) sharing pictures that belong to other members or friends outside the group who have not given you the authorization to do so.

So, how do you report one of these posts to an ADMINISTRATOR (please report posts directly to an administrator, reporting posts to FB will only hurt the group reputation and most likely will not solve any problems)? There are a couple of options: make sure that you are ON the post in question and not on some other random ‘innocent’ post and you will see a small mark, similar to an arrow tip facing downwards, located on the top right corner of the post. This applies to PCs, tablets and cell phones. Now 1) please click on the downward arrow to display the list of options, scroll down and you will see the option “Report to Admin”. Select this option and VOILA, ALL of us will be notified of your complaint. 2) You may send a PM to any of the administrators detailing your concerns. 3) If you for some reason aren’t able to locate the menu mentioned in 1), just tag one of the administrators on the comments section of the post in question (where you would normally write your comments) by using this format: eg. @ + the name of the administrator you wish to tag (no space between symbol and names). Below is a list of the administrators:

Bernie Colley
Phyllis Bollman
Melanie Neer
Melanne Cunningham-Hoeflicker
Felix VanZandt
Morticia A. Addams
Sheila Fath

Thank you. Enjoy your time with us.