Exeter University Taekwondo Club

Dear all, Happy new year! I hope you all had good xmas break and new year's eve. I have been informed that this first week is purely an exam week so some of you may have not yet returned from home but for anyone who is back, training will be on as normal on both Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th. From this term, we are going to be doing the payment of subs before the class instead of after it. This is simply so that when the class finishes at 10pm, we can all just grab our bags and go. You may have noticed a sports park member of staff hanging around at the end of last terms classes - they are very keen for us to finish on time which we do but dealing with all the payments/giving change/logging the register at the end means we end up running over by quite a lot. Please can everybody aim to arrive at the sports park by 8:15pm which will give you enough time to get changed and pay the £2.50 upon entering the do-jang. Historically this is what we used to do and it is always good to be early when getting to class. Separately, if anyone has any injuries or ailments that they are currently dealing with or recovering from, please let me or Mr Shakeshaft know before the class begins. Good luck to everyone taking exams! See you on Tuesday, Mr Feld and Mr Shakeshaft