Abilene Animals

**If your profile does not show that you live in or around abilene, you will not be added!**

This group is to ask questions about animals, talk about animals, brag about animals, rehome animals. NOT TO SELL ANIMALS!!!

"Can I post?..."
...A question about a problem my dog is having? Yes.
...Sell my cat? NO!
...Post a pic of my new kitten? Yes.
...Sell my dog? NO!
...post a link or picture of an animal in need? Yes.
...Sell my puppies? NO!
...Find a good home for a stray puppy I took in? Yes.
...Sell my litter of kittens? NO!
...Sell animal related items (ex crate, leash, bowls etc). Yes.
...Sell an animal I found on the street for $100? NO!
...Ask for help with some baby animals that were found on the street? Yes.
...Get an animal and rehome it just to get another animal? NO!
...ask to stud out my dog? NO!
...Ask to breed my female? NO!

REHOMING FEE- Rehoming an animal is not trying to MAKE money off of them! It is making sure they go to a good home that is able to provide for them (if they can't afford to pay a $30 rehoming fee, how can they pay for a vet or food). It is ok to have a higher rehoming fee if they also come with crate, food, toys etc. u could easily sell those things separately so technically you are selling them with the animal. also if they have had shots, wormed and/or fixed. If you are "rehoming" a puppy with no shots, not wormed, not fixed for $100+, you know and I know that you are SELLING it. If you are making a profit, it is not a rehoming fee it is selling and you will be removed from this site immediately.
Rehoming fee HAS TO BE LISTED!!! If the rehoming fee is free then FREE would be the rehoming fee. "Small rehoming fee" or "rehoming fee applies" WILL BE DELETED!!!!

If you post an animal for sale, you WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS GROUP IMMEDIATELY.

No drama will be tolerated.
No asking to breed or stud.
No backyard breeding.
NO judging others for having to rehome an animal! They are at least trying to find it a good home instead of taking it to the pound.

If you have any questions, Myself (Angela Gessi Grissom) and Stephanie Clay are the admins (stephanie created this group) Please feel free to message us.