Iyanola Visual arts: art and artists of Saint Lucia

General sharing of art and ideas and opinions, relevant discussion, related connections with other arts, info, notices etc - all on local visual arts.
I have long wanted to do something for St. Lucian painters and painting. I have been thinking about a book on St. Lucian art, though I have been a bit apprehensive since I am not a visual artist myself. I am hoping that in 2013 I can do some interviews with local artists (St Lucian and residents) and perhaps even encourage an exhibition. I started this page - following the example of the Luciens and Nadge Augustin who have started pages for literature, Walcott and performing artists.
On this page I would like to generate discussion, sharing, etc etc on ALL visual arts and artists, not just painting. So photographers, film makers, sculptors, crafts makers, animators, designers, graphic artists - alongside painters and painting - there is room here for exposure. I look for samples of work, relevant articles,
notices of exhibitions, historical notes etc etc.
I have added names at random from my address book and friends I thought would be interested. If anyone doesn't weant to be here, please remove your name or let me know and I will remove.
I am not a TECHIE so advice is appreciated. It is an open page.
I have been collecting a digital archive of painters and painting and other kinds of visual arts (as I have done with writers and dramatists). If I post something that someone doesn't want up, please let me know and I will remove immediately.
Anyway in the spirit of the best of arts and artists, let us make this page useful and enjoyable and rewarding to all of us.

IYANOLA is the Rastafarian variation of IOUANALOA, the Amerindian name of Saint Lucia.


" I remind all that copyright is attached to all personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, creative writing,etc. For commercial use of the above written consent is needed at all times!"