ARSENAL fans of zambia

If you don't know, please take note now.
This group is mainly for Arsenal, Arsenal
Faithfuls, Arsenal Players and Arsenal
news. If u have another football news not
related to Arsenal, post it on your wall
and don't come here to show your stupidity
and how plastic a fan you are. And if u are
so jealous of other teams or their
players, u can easily join them and delete
yourself from this group.

Don't bring your Ebola infected thoughts
to this page. Strictly for True Gooners
and Goonerretes!!!

A Group for all Die hard Arsenal fans in Zambia out there ,That has Faith in our club and will support the club in bad times and in God times ;all REAL arsenal fans are welcome to join ;
This is friendly group here you can post ,talk ,comment at any time .if any member abuse any member he will be remove from this Group .but you can anything about our club but not to post abuse; if found will kick you out .

ADMINI Christonia Chipoya