Items For Sale Or Swap In Watford

Please read these rules and follow them from today, Thanks Admin

*****************RULES OF THE PAGE*****************

1. A user must post their item with a PRICE, location and if available a photo of the product.
2. The selling of pets/animals is not permitted on this page.
3. The advertisement of inappropriate things are not permitted
4. Private bidding is forbidden, all bidding must be done on the post and items should be sold on a first comes first served basis
5. A seller selling Items outside of Watford should offer delivery.
6. A user may not post up multiple posts of their products, Please combine multiple items into an album
7. If a user is posting up multiple photos an album should be created.
8. Aggression towards other members is prohibited and will follow a final warning before a ban
9. Advertisement of other pages is NOT allowed on this page.
10. If an agreement is made and the buyer does not collect their product they will be kicked from the page.
11. Explicit images or posts are NOT allowed.
12. Post bumping should only be done once every 24 hours
13. Advertisement of businesses are not permitted and they will be removed.
14. Adverts for Pyramid schemes or foreign websites selling Sunglasses etc will be removed and the poster banned PERMANENTLY.
15, No weapons of any description
16. No Fireworks
17. No Tobacco products
Any posts breaking these rules such as posting an item without a price will lead to the user being warned and then if no action taken it will be taken down.

Enjoy selling on the page!