Cherry Mobile Flare S3 (Quick Response Team Support United) Group

This Group is dedicated to all the Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Users. You can expect the Generous Help from the Administration and of course this won't be possible without the Genuine Cooperation of All the Members. The administration expects all the Members to help each other and respond in a good manner. Please let's help each other to grow and learn more. May Peace and Order unites us to stick to these rules. Have respect for each other.

Rules To Follow

1) This Group is Open to all Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Users, All Members Are Free To Add Anyone, You're All Welcome Here.

2) Please Don't Use Foul Words and Please please respond to All concerns politely.

3) Upon Joining this Group, it will mean you're willing to follow rules. If not, you're free also to leave.

4) Determine the background of a Users before you add.
The Determination if the account is dummy is Our responsibility as a Member and Administrators.

5) The Term QUICK RESPONSE is the responsibility of the Administrators and Members. We ask all the Genuine and Generous COOPERATION.

6) If the negligence of the rule is proven, the administration has the power to ban or kick out the said violators regardless of who they are whether he/she is an admin or not.

The Group is aiming for a good resolution, the rule number#6 is NEGOTIABLE.

Thank you for being part of the QUICK RESPONSE TEAM SUPPORT UNITED (Admin+Members=TEAM)

Truly yours,
QRTSU Administration