Cargo Safeway, Inc.


It is our mission to provide world- class seafarers of all grades to meet the growing needs of the industry who:

Ø Are educated and trained in the modern trend in the industry, and instilling a concern for ship management, safety, and protection of marine environment. To achieve this, we are committed to plan and implement training programs as required by national, and international regulation, which are in adherence to principals’ special requirements.
Ø Are not only competent in all aspects of seafaring, but also committed to undisputed service excellence and customer satisfaction thru their working attitudes with highest standard of professionalism and capable to adapt to a new working environment
Ø Are well behaved and project good image with respect to our fellowmen and preserve the good identity of Filipino seafarers as well as the company.


To become the leading manning agency in the Philippines, capable of supplying globally competitive seafarers for the International Merchant Marine Fleet and to develop a maritime resource pool, that is skilled, technically competent and ready to cope with the dynamic demands of the Manning Industry.