ALA Student Chapter at Florida State University

This is the American Library Association Student Chapter at the FSU College of Communication and Information.

Student Chapter Officers for 2014-2015:

President-- Camille Thomas
Vice President --
Treasurer -- Grace Kaletski
Secretary -- Elia Trucks
Website --

Faculty Advisors: Pam Doffek

SLIS Grad Tracking GoogleDoc:


mailing address

ALA Student Chapter at Florida State University
142 Collegiate Loop
PO Box 3062100
Tallhassee, FL 32306

Membership process:

1. Join the American Library Association. Currently, student rates are $33/ yr.

2. Go under Blackboard/ Organization/Browse Organization Catalog and search for "ALA Student Chapter" and ask to join.

Additionally we are listed here:

3. Once you do step 2, the Student Chapter Treasurer will approve you and send out a welcome letter. ALA Student Chapter will appear on Blackboard. Here, you can view archives of past General Meetings, see announcements, etc.

4. Membership dues to ALA Student Chapter are $10, one time payment, good for your entire time here at Florida State University. This helps us fund events or assist people with conference registrations and whatnot. Eligibility to ALA-sponsored functions such as Student to Staff at the annual is dependent on your good standing.

5. Along with your Student Chapter dues, please attach a copy of your ALA parent organization membership receipt that displays your ALA member ID, either print out the receipt on their website, or print out of the confirmation email.