Albany*Lebanon~ Virtual Sales

A place where everyone can come buy/Sell and Trade Items.. We ask is that you respect other people and their items!


1. Please no illegal activity..
2. Please no advertising other pages/sites or businesses without approval from an Admin.. (Amy Herring, Nikki Herring-Cisneros)
3. Please do not advertise something falsely.. Ex: Fake Coach Handbag.. Saying its "authentic".. and if there is any rips.. stains.. or anything of that nature please put it into the description of the item you are selling so the buyer is aware.. :)
4.Please.. If you have a problem with anyone PM one of the admins on this site.. do not post it on the wall.. It is very rude and with this you will get 1 warning then you will be removed if it happens again!
5.Please do not upload multiple pictures of the same item.. find the item and "bump" it.
6.if you plan on uploading more than 5+ pictures.. Please make a album.
7. Please no "links" from other garage sale site or craigslist.. upload the pictures to this garage sale site..
Thank you :))