Forgotten Iowa: Hawkeye State History

Welcome to Forgotten Iowa (FI)!!!

FI is a group of people from all over the state who share not only an interest in our history but a love of our state. We welcome all those who share that feeling.

To keep the neighborly atmosphere we have the following guidelines.

1) Be Friendly - Behave here as you would in the real world.
2) Recognize Diversity - As we grow so does our diversity. Keep that in mind when posting.
3) No Spam - Nothing except Iowa history related events without prior approval.
4) No Politics - Doesn't everyone get their fill during election years?
5) Photos - Photo policies coming soon.
6) Keep It Iowan - Non-Iowa posts are not allowed.
We have a friendly, informative group which will remain that way through adherence to these simple suggestions.

We welcome Iowa related posts of all types and look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.