[EUCS] Edinburgh University Cocktail Society

Cocktail Society - Where drinking is educational! Our society was born out of the belief that those who enjoy a drink or two should have the right, and the means, to get together to meet like-minded people and have a good time. If you share our view then make sure you do the right thing and join this fabulous society! What's more, for those of you who are interested in making cocktails and trying out new things, we run regular cocktail nights where you can learn how to mix some of your favourite drinks! If you’re an aspiring mixologist, a connoisseur of the classics, or just like trying new things we have lots of events that you would love, so get in touch!

Our current Bar Kohl Deals:
From Sun-Thurs
Cocktails under £7 -> £4.25
Cocktails under £5 -> £3
50% off all food
(Deals on Pints and Wine also available)

P.S. Please don't advertise your events on our page without asking the committee first. Its kinda like turning up to someone else's party to invite everyone to your party next door.