Exchange Corner and Second Hand Sales for Parents in Sweden

Hi everyone! This is a non profit site for parents in Sweden to post items that they wish to exchange, sell or buy.

People with a closed profile wanting to join the group need to message one of the admins in order to be admitted.

Before you begin posting, please note the following:

- It is not allowed to sell or exchange drugs, animals, weapons, or copies of original brands.
- The description of your ad should contain: price and condition of the item, pickup/meetup location, whether you're willing to post the item. No bidding please.
- If you're selling more than one item, create an album instead of single posts in order to avoid flooding the group's feed.
- Do exercise caution when contacting each other as we will not be responsible for any fraud cases.

The admins reserve the right to remove posts or members not following the above rules. Any questions, please feel free to contact the admins.

Have fun posting! :)