Sistaz Into Anime/Manga

An Anime Group just for us girlies! Anime Fangirl? Yes, you are not alone. Come on in, kick back and enjoy!
*Just leave All Drama and Disrespect at the door, please.*

*Please keep posts Anime,Manga,Cosplay, 'geek' related.

*Please stay away from HOT BUTTON topics: Religion, Politics,etc. Those posts and discussions always 'go left' and they will be deleted immediately.

*Please no disrespect, rudeness, or cattiness. And definitely no personal attacks.

*PLEASE no spoilers! Please give fair warning before discussing a plot that may contain a spoiler.

*No porn, or hentai videos or pics. That is cause for immediate removal.

*If you decide to post a question to the group be prepared for an array of responses. So, make sure you have tough skin before making a post asking the group's opinion (especially cosplay) Disrespect WILL NOT be tolerated, but everyone has a right to their own opinion and it may not be the same as yours.

*Exit Posts are grounds for IMMEDIATE and ABSOLUTE removal. If you don't like the group just leave*

As of right now Crystal Richardson Brooks is Admin PLEASE tag me if there are any problems!
Thanks again for joining!! Don't forget to share! ENJOY!