American Samoa Kidney Group- Uniting Samoans (ASK US)

Thank You For Considering our Support Group ASK-US! If you are on Hemo-Dialysis, or have a loved one on dialysis, or maybe just interested in dialysis and kidney disease then this is a great organization to be a part of. Currently Kidney Disease leading to Dialysis is one of the fastest growing complications in American Samoa. If you have Diabetes, Hypertension or Gout then you are at risk for becoming a Dialysis member. The goal of this support group are 3 things:

1.Support-for current patients
2.Public Awareness & Education-tell everyone what Kidney Disease leads to(e.g. dialysis-->even death if not taken care of )
3.Prevention-for those who are headed or do not even know they are at risk

The first year for a dialysis patient is usually the most difficult because they are adjusting to NECESSARY LIFESTYLE CHANGES of Diet, Exercise and Medication or Dialysis Treatment for the rest of their lives. Please help us help you by joining and help support a loved one on dialysis to live a happy,healthier, longer Live Always with Hope which is our ASK-US motto: "LIVING WITH HOPE!"
Thank You,
Co-Founders Sina Leaupepe(also a patient) & Ms. Maya Ierome(2014 Ms SOFIA & LBJ Dialysis Unit Nurse)