I am a London Borough of Barnet Bod

This is a London Borough of Barnet social networking group. Advertise your LOCAL business or service, post pictures, memories, comments... or the next party :o) AND PLEASE, THINK BEFORE YOU POST. NO EXTREME POLITICS OR BANGING ON ABOUT THE RIGHTS OR WRONGS OF ANY RELIGION. There are plenty of other places on Facebook, the Internet and the real world for those particular things. Also, we like to be nice here. If you want to insult, be an internet troll and bully people, please go elsewhere too! Cheers!

WARNING: Potential for offensive language on some posts. Please do not join if easily offended.

Respect fellow members and their opinions and keep personal differences and arguments private. If you have an issue with someone you can take it up with them via PM, NOT in public. People who persistently bring a bad atmosphere to the forum will be banned