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This is a picture of my friend Rhonda who passed away in January of 2014. What seems so very long ago because I lived & did so much since then. It's been an amazing year. We had only met a few times while I lived at the YMCA homeless shelter Phoenix Spring 2013; however knowing her left a profound influence upon me. I saw a very clear mirror image of a person a child The very child I had known so very long ago. So before the fast paced
go-go-go fast food
computer age A trusting open eager to be so and do 1970s "neighbors knowing neighbors" upbringing seemingly so different "mayberry-ish" than now. Slow down slow down slow...... We did not know each other that long - I did make major changes to my diary ‪#‎LookingGlassShattered‬ after she taught me many things I never knew before. She taught me about the Angels, Totem Animals, and much much more. A thinking imaginative wondrous fantastical world my adult body had grown out of so long ago.... She reminded me once again of my five year little boy thinking in me needing to explore, run through the fields, hike a mountain, (for no other reason than to see what's on the other side). To remember embrace all
the wonders in life, imagine the idea that their might be a world around us that we cannot see, a true cherished glory of Gods gifts shined upon us. She let her inner-child shine and I saw her beautiful loving heart so true and loving to help those in trying times. From homeless people to the homeless animals she took care of and gladly gave a home. I wish you were here so I could catch up with you on the latest news and hear your thoughts and advice. It would be great to Call you, text you, email you, and most importantly visit with you.... I could fill you in of all the adventures criss-crossing the country in a Popup-tent, all the great guests we have had from Oregon to the east coast and the globe. 2014 is quickly wrapping up. As I know your here and remembered missed by many who knew you. They will know you through me. It's your heart oh it's your heart so shine through every tear of sorrow I met that heart at least for a few visits...which transplants & continues to beat... I do the best I can in my coming years to show others your heart let many see who you are through your unConditional love. I am the product of all the mentors tutors teachers that came before. This mentoring includes you. So with my words I write to you where you are with all my heart so you may know that your kindness is felt and forever stays on this earth. You truly are a
‪#‎TranscendedChampion‬ as I wrote about in
#LookingGlassShattered: Questions & Answers that Heal old Wounds. I Thank you Rhonda for what you have taught me and for what I can teach others. God Bless you Rhonda Rest In Peace Best to the best Rhonda. Roy Backpack Baron