The Aruba Board Meeting

All in the love of longboarding.
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In here we're all friends and hope to see eachother at sessions, and being a part of The Aruba Board Meeting. you must be an active longboarder, to be eligible to join the group.
"To join the group you must also be part of the group."(if you do not understand our philosophy, you might not be part of it)
Each member is expected to be active, and a good sport.

"Longboarding is a sport that sees no differences, and unites poeple"
Welcome, let's unite and have fun!
Sesh times: - Sunday sesh @ 3pm, its a must! :D ( 2:30, time advised to leave home xD)
- weekdays, every now and then.* :)
- Special occasions
* Weekdays are not official group sessions, just to get that extra practice in, to show off on sunday.